an unlimited source of cheap clean energy

20cm 500MW Fission-annihilation                                                                          
                                                                    5cm 20kW Fission-fusion

Gravi-nuclear nanoreactors
The first reactor, which is based on the same principle as the sun. Inside the reactor in plasma is ignited nanometric artificial sun, with similar conditions as an inside sun - high temperature, high density of plasma, high gravity, and high density of gamma photons, for spontaneous fission and effective fusion reactions.
Gravi-nuclear technology can decrease the price of energy 10-1000 times and can decrease emissions CO2 to zero (can replace unsustainable fossil fuels, expensive renewables, and dangerous nuclear sources). About 3-30cm small Gravi-nuclear reactors with power 10kW-500MW (in fission, fission-fusion, and fission-annihilation mode) are 30-30000 times more effective in comparison to today's nuclear reactors. The Gravi-nuclear reactors are safe because use only 1 gram of Thorium as igniting fuel (additional deuterium and mercury), and do not generate any radioactive waste (burn 100% of fuel). 
Exists only this one verified technology in the whole universe, for long-term continuous sustainable civilization on the planet, therefore is used by all advanced civilizations in the galaxy.
  • Fission-fusion Plasma Nanoreactor
    We offer a 3-5cm small Fission or Fission-fusion (about 20kW) Plasma Nanoreactor, based on the verified principle of thermonuclear weapons (two phases - fission igniting and fusion power). Nanoreactors are highly safe and can use (as an igniting fuel) only 1 gram of multiple variants of heavy elements (e.g. Thorium), and for fusion reactions and maximum power (Deuterium). We do not use dangerous chain reactions as nuclear weapons and today's nuclear power stations, but Gravi-nuclear spontaneous fission (photofission). Plasma Nanoreactor is about 30-300 times more effective and 100 times smaller and 1000 times cheaper, than today's nuclear reactors. Nanoreactor is so safe when inside ignited the thermonuclear explosion, you can hold the rector in your hand. This technology can power a single-family home (for a few decades) or a car (for a few years to the refill of fuel). 
  • Applications of Nanoreactor (boiler, eGenerator, E85 Fuel, Red Hydrogen)
    A Gravi-nuclear fission or fission-fusion plasma nanoreactor is a universal source of energy, by generating a gamma beam, which can be changed to thermal, chemical, mechanical, or electric energy. A nanoreactor generates a gamma beam, so a reactor with a thermal exchanger (lead rod in a tube with cycling water) is a complete boiler (5x5x50cm), that can heat a single-family home. Hot water can be used for showering, or for radiators, or underfloor heating. The price of the boiler will be similar to a gas boiler, but 10 years will generate thermal energy for free (10 times cheaper energy). We will develop a cogenerator of electric energy, directly by magnetoplasma generator, or chemical nuclear battery, or by plasmaticising of water on H2+O by gamma beam (cheap Red Hydrogen) that will burn into hot pressure a vapor for turbines, or piston engines, or simple rotation engines (to generate electric energy). Gamma beam deconstructs compounds into elements, so from the air (H2O + CO2 + catalyst) can generate ethanol and methane, which can remove CO2 from the air to generate cheap Synthetic fuel (E85 fuel), which can be used for cars, homes, and industry (carbon recycling technology for sustainable transportation). One coal power station can generate E85 fuel in volume for one nation (10 million tons a year). Nanoreactors can be simply used in the chemical and mining industry (include mining on asteroids and generating an atmosphere on Mars). The nanoreactor is a universal cutting tool and pocket-size chemical factory, a gamma beam de-composite all compounds to elements, and elements can separate, or react to chemicals that we need.
    We offer a license to decarbonize emissions (for mass production of ethanol or hydrogen)  ($1 million + nanoreactor). 
  • Fission-annihilation Reactor and antigravity propulsion
    We develop about 15-30cm small Fission-annihilation about 500MW reactor and antigravity propulsion. Antigravity propulsion is based on the principle of exploding supernova or Big Bang. We repeatedly generate a new small dense universe that expands and absorbed mass around that generates antigravity thrust. A thrust is about 100 tons and can run for multiple years. Nuclear annihilation reactor can annihilate any mass (E=mc^2), but for simple construction annihilate Mercury, which has an inside a reactor multiple functions. This technology can replace all engines in the Aerospace (Space and Transportation) industry (antigravity propulsion is 10-1000 times cheaper than a chemical rocket, and 10 times cheaper than jet engines including gasoline).
  • Gravi-nuclear Fission-annihilation Power Station
    A 20cm small antigravity Fission-annihilation reactor can directly rotate by an axis of the generator (1-100MW). So, the complete nuclear power station is about 2x1x1 meters small and is 1000 times cheaper than today's nuclear power stations (today's cost about $15 billion, but our cost only $15 million). With today's price of electricity your investment of $ 15 million in this product, can be returned in the first month of generating electricity.
    We offer to build an on-demand Gravi-nuclear power station ($15 million).
  • For Investors
    Opportunity for an investors:
    - invest $5-10million/ for 5-10% of the share (1st round)
    - invest another $50-200million/ for another 5-20% of the share (2nd round)
    We prefer a Joint-Venture Company or equity form of investment (Delaware L.L.C.).The nuclear fusion market could achieve a $40 trillion valuation by Bloomberg >>>